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Student Life

Elementary Spiritual Life

Alliance Academy International is dedicated to each child's spiritual development; with that in mind, we have created a resource for elementary students where they can find worship songs, journal pages, and encouragement to grow in their faith. We believe that God is amazing and we encourage you to dig-into the Bible and enjoy learning more in God’s word! Through this organic process, Guardians seeks to multiply and equip leaders of all ages inside Alliance Academy International to further develop a communal heart of service and leadership.


Description: Each week students engage in our elementary chapel program. This program consists of a time of corporate worship, a mini-lesson, and a small group time for students to reflect on the day’s lesson. Families are always welcome to join us for chapel. 

Our Chaplain

Meet Amanda (Mandi) Howlett! Miss Howlett has taught at Alliance Academy International for seven years now. Miss Howlett started out in kindergarten and now is the elementary chaplain. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Howlett if you have any questions, concerns, or praises! 

Amanda Howlett : ahowlett@alliance.k12.ec

Elementary Spiritual Life

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week is a week long program devoted to having chapels every day! Students participate in daily Bible lessons, special worship times, and application activities. Families are more than welcome to join us each day of SEW. Mid way through the week we host a Family Night which is a wonderful time for families to connect with our SEW programs and engage in games and activities with their children.

Everyone is invited!

Elementary Spiritual Life


Worshipping God is not just about singing a song that says the name Jesus or talks about the cross, worship is choosing to live for God and think about Jesus’ love for us. Here are some tools you can use to keep growing in your faith and help you worship God more

Worship through singing

You can worship God through singing songs about Him and His love for you. Check-out the songs we sing in chapel:

Worship through reading God’s word

God’s word is one of God’s big methods of speaking to us. Keep growing in your faith through reading God’s special book written for you! Check-out our AAI Elementary Devotionals:

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