AAI extracurricular private music program is dedicated to the integral formation of musicians. Through this we want to provide the community in general with access to a musical education that promotes the appreciation and enjoyment of the musical arts in each individual


Musical Initiation

The main purpose of this level is to achieve a balanced musical culture and formation for the children of PS3, PS4, and Kinder. This would be achieved with a deep approach to musical facts and a specific preparation for a future instrumental learning. The general objectives are based on perception, expression, and creativity. They are developed in a globalized way through recreational and ludic resources.

Private Lessons

The program offers individual ONE TO ONE LESSONS for the listed instruments:


Saxophone, Transverse flute, trumpet.


Violin, classic guitar (electric), (electric bass)


Piano, electronic keyboard




Drums, timbales, congas, bongos.



The theoretical concepts are applied in the practical instrument lessons and ensemble, this allows the student to experience the music deeply. The program offers a group class per week for musical performance in diverse instrumental ensembles; that is, the student will play in a group with other musicians, classmates or teachers.


Suzuki method

Color method

Essential Elements


Group lessons price, two times a week per month $55 Elementary and High School

Price for 1 private class a week per month $55

Price for 2 private classes twice a week per month $110


What do you need to do to register for classes?

Fill out the registration form and submit it      

Read through your policy and sign the student contract and return this to Evelyn Paredes

Confirm your class information and schedule with Evelin

Make the payment at Valeria Cordova office before classes starts

Enrollment Steps

  • Fill out the enrollment form
  • Send the form via emails or in the student’s folder to the program’s coordinator, Evelyn Paredes
  • Make the respective payment at the Stimulus’ finance office with Valeria Córdova.
  • If the payment is made through a bank account transfer, send the receipt/invoice to the coordinator (Evelyn Paredes) via email, and include the student’s name.


Juan José Villalengua 789,



(02) 393-3800 ext. 6357 Evelyn Paredes (Music)

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