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AAI’s extracurricular programs are the best complementary activities for the integral, physical and spiritual formation of our students. They help students develop team spirit and stress management. It also helps them to achieve successful relationships and develop their skills, creativity and good sportsmanship.

We offer extracurricular and athletic activities for elementary students from PS3 to 6th grade.



Monday through Friday

From 3:30 to 5:30pm

Cumbre Alta Junior Spartans Soccer Program

We have a controlled plan, with appropriate preparation techniques. It increases the leg muscular power, improves the cardiovascular performance, stimulates speed of reaction, motor coordination, peripheral vision and encourages teamwork.

Basketball Extracurricular program

Basketball is one of the sports that can be practiced from the earliest ages. Gives them better coordination; best concentration and spectacular speed - reflexes; develops agility and motor skills; Cares and protects the cardiovascular system and improves muscle endurance.

Gymnastics Extracurricular program

Gymnastics is a set of individual sports that includes: races, jumps and pitches, among others is considered worldwide as the elementary base of all other sports, whether individual or group. The benefits of this sport are innumerable: speed and resistance through race training, strength that we develop in the throws, and power that is necessary to jump.


Art & Crafts

Extracurricular program

Through this art program, children discover a world full of colors, shapes, strokes and imagination; They symbolize feelings and experiences. Painting stimulates efficient communication, creativity, sensitivity and increases children's capacity for concentration and expression. Painting, like any other type of activity, is a learning that can be taught through guidance.


Extracurricular program
Develop the skills needed for real-life problem-solving. Our certified professional coaches provide a safe environment and the discipline to grow. Give your child the opportunity to develop a healthy sense of competition as well as critical thinking and logic skills.

Educare (Sport) Prices

$5 Registration
$ 50.4 IVA included 2 classes twice a week per month.
$25.2 if you need an extra day of classes per week.

Stimulus extracurricular programs are the best complementary activities for the integral, physical and spiritual formation of our students.

Sports Registration

Registration will be completed in 4 very easy steps!

  1. To register, fill out the registration form and give it to Daniel Montalvo
  2. Find out about the cost of the programs and confirm your class and schedule          
  3. Make the payment before the period starts
  4. Deliver the receipt to Daniel Montalvo or email it to finalize


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