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Extending beyond missionary support – AAI is now the mission field itself.  With over 30 nationalities and students from both Christian and non-Christian homes alike, AAI seeks to reach the students and families of both Ecuadorian and international backgrounds.

AAI - Building for tomorrow

AAI stands on the strong foundation of our mission, which we summarize in three words: Eternity, Excellence, and Community.  We are dedicated to combining a high-quality, fully accredited academic program with a commitment to an authentic biblical worldview – all in a context of a caring community.  We see the power of this mission as we observe its transformational power in the lives of our students and families.


You can make a planned gift to AAI regardless of your current economic situation. Planned giving involves designating a future gift through financial planning tools such as life insurance designations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable annuities and legacy gifts. There are often tax incentives and benefits that encourage charitable giving. For planned giving, please contact Ron Sutton (


First, you can pray for us! Pray for our students that our teachers would impact their minds AND hearts. AAI seeks to give a transformational education and these initiatives will assist us in training these students of the future. Second, you can give generously and make a difference.. AAI has the ability to make a positive change in the future of hundreds of students each year. You can make this happen to a greater degree in one or more students with your financial partnership with us.

Initiatives to support AAI


    Adam poured out his exemplary life with AAI students, faculty and staff for nine years. His quiet strength, wisdom and quick wit continue to inspire us. His love of Christ continues to challenge us. Although the void that he leaves is impossible to fill, we are encouraged by the firmest assurance that today he rests in the presence of our Lord Jesus.

    Much more than their teacher or vice-principle, Adam strove to make himself invariably and easily accessible for his students. He made special time for struggling students, and always had a listening ear. This importance in his students’ lives ensured he had great opportunities to disciple them, especially in intentional settings like the Man Up Retreat.

    Those who would like to honor this legacy through a gift can donate to the Adam Yoder Memorial Fund. Your donation will directly support initiatives enabling the Christian spiritual formation of AAI students, faculty & staff, and others in Ecuador.

    If you have other questions, please contact Ron Sutton at


    Violent protests in late 2019, coupled with Ecuador’s COVID-19 response, have produced a doubly burdened economy that is unlikely to recover in the next few years. In order to maintain enrollment of students who truly represent our commitment to eternity, excellence and community, we have had to provide families with significant tuition discounts. We will be providing approximately $350,000 in financial aid this school year. Your donation helps us continue to serve students until their families can recover from this difficult time. (If you are interested in providing ongoing sponsorship of a specific student, please contact Ron Sutton at

  • "Rob Quiring" Legacy Scholarship

    Carpe Aeternitatem (Seize Eternity) are two powerful, yet simple, words that best describe the values and passion of former AAI professor Rob Quiring.  
    He led his students to pursue the Author of Eternity passionately, and still leads today through his legacy. Your donation to the Rob Quiring Legacy Scholarship Fund helps us provide students with more opportunities to encounter purpose and hope as they dive into the written word. Recipients are voracious readers who are inspired to seize eternity, and share it with others. 
    Learn about the how Rob strove to share his love of God by clicking here.

    Donations will also assist in providing targeted spiritual growth activities for students.

  • "David Landers" Memorial Scholarship

    If you had the pleasure of knowing Dave Landers, we needn’t say more. Students need clear human examples of our lofty goals in Christ. Your donation to the David Landers Memorial Scholarship helps us provide the very best AAI education to the very best students. Scholarship recipients either embody, or are inspired toward, the great love and spiritual maturity that Dave brought to campus, every day.

    Learn about the contribution of this extraordinary man of God clicking here

  • COVID Learning Intervention

    AAI learned a lot about serving students online last semester. It is likely current COVID regulations will remain in place, and that students will finish this semester online as well. We know that maintaining AAI’s proud tradition requires that we do much more than merely keep kids from falling behind during the pandemic. We must excel. Your donation to COVID learning interventions helps us provide technology solutions for special education situations, more socio-emotional support, more one-on-one tutoring, and even home visits as the law permits. Funds will also go toward technology solutions such as SeeSaw, EdPuzzle and Zoom.

    This will permit us to provide an excellent online education and offer services that other schools don’t, such as extending special education into students’ homes.

  • Spiritual Formation Initiative

    You undoubtably already know, or have at least heard about, the beauty of living Quito. You also know what a struggle it can to maintain an ever-improving relationship with God when surround by the constant hustle and bustle of such a dense urban environment. Your donation for Spiritual Formation will help start and improve programs at AAI’s farm in Calacali. Faculty and staff will have exactly what they need to “get away from it all” - and get into better touch with God.

    Donations will also assist in providing targeted spiritual growth activities for students.

  • Educational Excellence Fund

    Our philosophy that financial concerns must be properly balanced with genuinely serving our students is evident in one of the lowest student-teacher ratios in Ecuador. We are committed to serving every student; not just the ones who need extra help, and certainly not just the ones who are easy to serve.

    Your donation helps us maintain our low student-teacher ratio so that every student is personally challenged to do their very best, not just get a passing grade.


  • Community Outreach

    AAI desires to continue to be a light for Christ in Ecuador. We are relaunching the Community Service Outreach program so that students have first-hand opportunities to serve the community.

    Your donation to CSO helps students make Christ known, while they grow from the experience.

  • Special Alumni Service Projects

    We are always looking for Alumni and friends who are willing to donate their time and expertise to assist in special projects. For example, right now we’re looking for a designer or architect who can help render drawings to better communicate our vision for Calacali as well as campus enhancements. There are many needs beyond this pressing design need, if you’re feeling called to help out either in person or remotely, please let us know!

    Your donation of Special Service not only helps us save money, it helps us maintain our AAI heritage as we move into the future, and it’s helps us all grow closer together as the AAI family.

    Click here to contact us now, or write to

We thank our supporters for all that they do!

We are blessed by the individuals who have supported AAI’s many special projects and initiatives that ensure that AAI will maintain its ground and continue its impact on children for the future. We invite you to engage in giving in a way that honors individuals, families, and organizations and sustains the mission of AAI for generations to come.

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