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The historic sense of family at AAI keeps many of our alumni connected to the school throughout their lives. AAI's Alumni Association helps our former students and faculty to keep in touch through our alumni newsletters, through periodic reunions in the United States and in Quito -- and now through this expanded website. Please send revisions, suggestions and comments to Greg Collord, Alumni Director, at If you attended or served at AAI, even briefly, and do not receive our alumni newsletter, please email Greg Collord today!  

Visiting AAI

If you are in the Quito area, we would love to see you! Family is welcomed. Please schedule your visit with Ron Sutton at:


Ignacio Dávalos

"Alliance for me was a life changer. Through teachers and coaches, AAI showed me the one and only truth. Jesus. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true. God used AAI to draw me close to Him. AAI has some great education, but most importantly, they are trying to share the Gospel with every single person that walks through their doors; teachers, coaches, maintenance people, and staff all have a part in this! And is awesome to see! AAI put people in my life that will be there for me, for the rest of my life"

Luke Edgren

"Maybe my favorite quality of Alliance is how open the teachers and administration are to allow students to lead in student council, sports, drama and different ministries on campus. I have many fond memories such as: playing squid volleyball, working late nights to plan Spirit Week, being terrified to ask someone to pray for them, having bright stage lights shining in my face while I was performing Shakespeare and beating Americano in basketball for the first time in 9 years! Being a part of all these things, I got the endless trust and support that I needed from my teachers to be able to confidently grow into a more capable man of God."

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