“The Boarding Experience”

AAI with 90 years of experience, offers a premier boarding program which has distinct features and advantages in the intellectual, character and spiritual development of students. Set in a loving, caring, and secure family environment, the boarding students experience full English immersion, and thus accelerate their English language proficiency. Boarding students enjoy further distinct academic advantages with structured evening study hours and immediate availability to teachers and tutorial assistance.

The boarding program, through careful supervision, develop in students improved time management skills, greater independence and self-reliance which are enormous advantages when they enter colleges and universities. AAI’s robust commitment to international diversity exposes boarding students to a far more meaningful experience in living and working in a vibrant, enriched culturally diverse community.

Finally, boarding students have a lot of fun. There are always numerous weekend activities from which to choose, with AAI’s convenient location in the capital city and UNESCO world heritage site of downtown Quito, Ecuador. There is never a dull moment.

Key points of the Boarding Program:

  • English speaking staff that enforce all communication in English
  • Supervised study hours and tutoring support
  • Safe and secure location, permitting students easy and safe access to all school activities
  • Independence and self-reliance skill development
  • Location in a large capital city with easy access to International airport
  • Spacious private rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Separate boys’ and girls’ halls with a large common area (TV with cable)
  • Quiet study room with computer, printer, and high-speed wireless Internet with school filters
  • Dedicated boarding personnel (1:4 adult-to-student ratio)
  •  Access to school facilities, such as gym, weight room, soccer field with adult supervision
  •  Annual dorm trip and weekend trips
  • Full, short term and 5 night boarding options available, with all meals included

Ron Sutton (Dorm Supervisor)


My name is Diego Law. Although I was born in Ecuador, I grew up and lived in China most of my life. Entering my junior year and wanting to excel in English, I decided to move back to Ecuador and attend the Alliance Academy International (AAI). Leaving home meant I needed to find a safe place to live, and so the obvious choice was to try out the AAI Dorm, which is conveniently located on the AAI campus. Looking back, I couldn’t have made a better choice! Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by the dorm staff and students and could tell this place was different. Though skeptical at first, a year has passed and the best way I can describe the dorm is that it is like ‘a big family’. The dorm parents and assistants truly care about me and the other students who live here, and I can honestly say over the last year and a bit, my life has changed for the better. As I prepare for my senior year with hopes of attending college in the US, I will always be thankful for the time I’ve had in the dorm.


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