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The Alliance Academy International Secondary program combines a vigorous education with college advising and a great selection of extracurricular activities. Students become critical thinkers, well-informed young people, and wise decision makers. We are proud and honored to offer Bible classes to all students. Individualized course schedules, a top-quality manual arts program, a competitive sports program, and extra-curricular activities enable each student the chance to develop a range of life skills and deepen their passions. Our prayer is that this passion would not only lead to learning about the Bible, but that they would graduate from AAI with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the amazing additions to our Secondary Faculty is our chaplaincy program, which carries out duties of love, discipleship, counseling, and weekly chapels.

How AAI Prepares Students For College:

1) Our distinguished college preparation program offers a wide range of AP classes and extracurricular activities.

2) We have a dedicated College Advisor who provides students with the support they need for the college application and selection process of colleges and universities.

3) Our 15:1 student to faculty ratio encourages a vibrant and a personal relationship with peers and faculty.

4) Our Secondary Faculty members provide their students with being encouraging role models for academic achievement, as well as being spiritual mentors to their students.

5) Our relationships with U.S. universities may allow students to gain college level credit while finishing high school

6) Many colleges visit on campus, so students have the opportunity to learn firsthand from college recruiters worldwide about their options.

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