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Elementary Program Overview

Supported by a certified instructional team, the AAI Elementary Division provides students in preschool through 6th grade with an English Immersion, U.S.-style education. This integrated program provides children with supportive learning environments and dynamic educational experiences that enable them to achieve academic success, gain knowledge in core subject areas, and develop personal responsibility and integrity.

Purposefully integrating academics with biblical content and principles that reflect a Christ-centered monotheistic worldview and by intentionally cultivating a strong sense of community, students are inspired to become global citizens, problem solvers, and lifelong learners grounded in the truth of the Bible.

This holistic program supports and ensures continued learning and ongoing well-being in a nurturing environment. Our responsive learning program further meets the learning needs of individual students through our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Department and Special Education & Counseling Support Team.

Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3)

Building on the solid foundation of development nurtured through our Early Childhood program, students in first grade through third grade are provided with an innovative approach to learning, resulting in individuals who are engaged and prepared for matters of both earthly and eternal significance.

Our first, second, and third grade classrooms provide a balance of child-centered learning and collaborative learning. Holistic in its approach, students participate in lessons, activities and projects that are planned, organized and presented in differentiated ways to respond to the individual needs of students as they explore content areas such as literacy (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), math, science, and social studies.

Daily biblical instruction develops students' ability to critically think about matters of faith as they explore biblical content and principles that reflect a Christ-centered worldview. Weekly art, music, Spanish, computer, and P.E. instruction further round out their dynamic educational experience. Finally, age appropriate Life Skills classes, facilitated by members of our Counseling Department, address topics related to personal safety, healthy relationships and boundaries, internet safety, and anti-bullying strategies.


Grades 4 through 6 are important transitional years that continue to build independence with a developmentally appropriate focus on individual responsibility. Interpersonal and academic expectations for students gradually increase in preparation for the important transition into Secondary. As students experience more autonomy, they engage in genuine explorations of peer dynamics and conflict resolution, enriching class discussions that are relevant and purposeful, and continue to grow as reflective members of our community. Reading, math, Bible, science, and social studies further develop students' critical thinking skills as they engage in researching, organizing, processing, and sharing information with their peers both orally and in writing. Life Skills classes are skillfully facilitated by members of the Counseling Department, Chaplaincy Department, and Physical Education/Health teachers to address topics related to personal safety, relationships and family life, internet safety, and anti-bullying strategies. Ecuadorian art and culture, music, physical education, computers and keyboarding, and Spanish classes continue to play an integral role in our well-rounded upper elementary program.

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