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Welcome to Alliance Academy International!

This is a truly special place -- with over 30 different nationalities represented in our student body, our community represents a breadth of experiences, cultures, and backgrounds that makes us all richer people.  But even more notably, it is what draws our diverse consistency together that makes AAI so unique: our mission unifies us under a common purpose.  “Eternity, Excellence, and Community” are not just words; they represent the mission that informs everything we do.  We understand that God created us as whole people – including  both spiritually and intellectually – so we intentionally integrate biblical truth and rigorous intellectual development while fostering community.

Eternity: An AAI education reflects a spiritual reality as well as a tangible one.  From chapel services and spiritual emphasis weeks, to the integration of faith and learning in every class, we encourage our students to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and understand their ultimate purpose here on earth.  Education is not just about getting good grades, getting into a good university, or even finding a good career.  For an educational experience to be meaningful, it must prepare students for matters of both earthly and eternal significance.

Excellence: AAI provides the highest caliber of education for our students, engaging them intellectually and instilling in them a love for lifelong learning. We offer a US-style of education that prepares our students with skills that are meaningful in today’s world: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.  Graduates earn both an Ecuadorian and a US diploma, having been a part of a multicultural, English-language immersion experience.

Community: Relationships between teachers and students foster academic achievement; our faculty members care deeply about their students and pour their lives into the development of their students.  Our surroundings bind a broad array of cultures into one compassionate, caring community.

It is the beauty and significance of this mission that drew my family and me to Alliance Academy International, and it is our passionate and talented faculty and staff who bring that alive that renews my commitment to it every day.  If you are already a part of AAI, you know how much we value you as a part of our community, and if you are considering AAI, please come for a visit and see us in action yourself.  Thank you for your interest in Alliance Academy International!

Dr. Jim Cianca
Executive Director
Alliance Academy International

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