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Welcome to Alliance Academy International!

Welcome to the Alliance Academy International! I'm so pleased that you are considering AAI for the education of your child.

My name is Steve Saavedra, the Executive Director. I've been associated with the school since I can remember. I enrolled when I was five and graduated in the 1980s. It made an enormously positive impact in my life. I am proud of it and I'm delighted to be serving here.

In it's over 90 years of history, we continue to adapt to the needs of the day while keeping our core identity and values the same.

The school was founded in 1929 to provide a U.S. education for the children of missionaries. And while today we provide the same U.S. diploma program using native English speakers, we are open to families of every sector, every country (over thirty), and every creed.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to fostering an environment where Christian values and teacher undergird all that we do. Our teachers care about the whole child, the development of their mind, their heart, and their character.

It is for this reason that our classes are small, and our community is tight, so that no child gets lost or overlooked.

We are committed to provide an excellent English-language education, providing everything from special services for vulnerable learners to Advanced Placement classes.

We are ready to serve your family in a safe environment, either online, on campus, or a hybrid of the two.

Again, thank you for considering AAI. I hope  you will have the opportunity to learn first-hand, as I did, what makes this such a special place, that is hard to leave and easy to come back to.

Steve Saavedra
Executive Director
Alliance Academy International

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